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Smart Wiring

About Starserve

A Clipsal Starserve Home Network expands on basic home wiring to let you home network TV, phone and computer systems throughout your home. It's easy, convenient and affordable. The Starserve system has made home networking available to everybody.

Have you got more than one TV but only one DVD, VCR, or Pay TV box? With the Starserve system you can link all of your TV's to any one of or all of these output devices. Another convenient feature is the availability of Infrared control so that you can be controlling the TV, DVD, or VCR from wherever you might be sitting even if the equipment is in another room.

Most homes have more than one computer. Starserve enables all the PC's to access E-mail, the internet and other hardware like printers and scanners. You can have the convenience of laying in bed working on your laptop and print your documents from your study.

Another fantastic feature of the Starserve system is its security options. You are able to have surveillance cameras installed at your premises and view any of them at any time through the TV's in your house.

The Benefits of Starserve

* No Untidy telephone or TV leads running around corners of rooms and across doorways
* Access Pay TV or DVD in other rooms even if the kids are watching a video in the family room
* You can have Pay TV at any room in the house
* You can check that the kids are behaving from another room
* Move about the house and watch a movie in any room
* Your home will be future proofed maximising your re-sale value
* See visitors at the front door without leaving your lounge

Enhance your entertainment, improve your security and make the most of your computers and communication equipment.