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New Products

DLT Input Unit



Dynamic Labelling Technology

Clipsal’s new Dynamic Labelling Technology™ has been
incorporated in C-Bus Saturn and Neo units allowing C-Bus
installers to electronically label switches according to the
requirements of the user and easily change this labelling via
software, as required.
Dynamic Labelling Technology™ switches incorporate
editable LCD text or bitmap labels, plus function indicators
such as bar-graphs. The units have eight programmable
buttons for C-Bus Group/Scene control over two pages, with
a Scroll button to toggle between these pages. The 64 x 128
pixel LCD screen incorporates a backlight. Text, sliders and
bitmaps can be defi ned in the C-Bus Toolkit software and
downloaded to the unit via a C-Bus network.



Key Input Unit



Smart Switches

As intelligent as they are stylish, Clipsal C-Bus automation technology allows these units to go beyond your average light switch, to become a fully programmable control unit.


Colour Touch Screen

C-Bus Colour Touch Screen provides a wall mounted, touch
sensitive LCD screen that can display pages of graphical
items, such as buttons, sliders and images. These graphical
items perform C-Bus related functions when pressed.
The unit also includes a real time clock for automatic
scheduling of events based on the time of day, week, month
or year. The touch screen allows control via an Infrared
hand-held remote control unit.
C-Touch Colour can be completely customised to suit
user requirements via the included Windows™ compatible
confi guration software. The software also includes a Logic
Engine module that allows the installer to program logic based
(if-then-else) control into the touch screen confi guration.
Available in Neo and Saturn Glass style surrounds, the
Colour Touch Screen is aesthetically appealing and an
extremely functional addition to the comprehensive range of
C-Bus products.




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